Monday, February 10, 2014

Meal Planning and Prepping

soo. this is usually the day i post my review of the 12 week program im doing. it would be week 4. but it was a bad week and i dont wanna talk about it. so im gonna move right along to food, mkay?

after a bad week last week, and my food being anything but clean, this week i knew i had to do lots of prepping to make sure this week went smoothly. if there is anything ive learned through out my journey is that you can NOT out work a bad diet. so getting my eating right and clean is a big thing for me. its probably one of the reasons i loved doing a whole30. ive mentioned doing one again, but after thinking about it and have decided to put that off for now.

my meal plan this week:

breakfast: breakfast sandwiches

lunches: salad and yogurt


pork meatballs, broccoli, and corn
chicken tenders, green beans and salad
beef, rice side, and peas and carrots
enchiladas and refried beans

yesterday, i got to do some prepping. i cleaned grapes, cut up strawberries, and made the breakfast sandwiches. tonight i prepped my stuff for my salads this week.

typically, i go thru pinterest, blogs, and just things we havent eating in awhile to come up with my meals. for dinners, i try to pair a meat and 2 sides, usually vegetables. salads are just easy for lunches, and breakfast is usually eggs, meat, and fruit. im changing it up this week by adding in the muffin for the sandwich to change it up a bit, ill let ya know how that works for me.

on sunday mornings, when everyone is at church or sleeping, i go grocery shopping. on new things i read labels so its easier not to have a bunch of people waiting on me to move. after getting home and putting up groceries, i get to work prepping for the food. washing and cutting fruits and veggies. boiling eggs and cooking chicken. i really dread it, but im so glad during the week to have it all ready. so just a few hours of prepping can make a big difference during the week.

hopefully my prepping will help me succeed this week!

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