Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Rambles

happy friday!

1. this past weekend i went and got me some new running shoes. my others were getting a bit worn, and very colorful from all the color runs i had done. the next color run im doing with my sister is the day before easter, so i have some time to train, but i gotta start now.

2. lent has started, so that meals more seafood! but my husband doesnt like seafood! i know, very sad. so wednesday for our first lent dinner we had waffles and fruit. dont judge. and today we will have pizza. half meat and half cheese. dont judge me for that either. ill get more creative next week. do you have any suggestions?

3. the beginning of next month im probably doing a garage sale at my house. that means i have a month to start going through things to get rid of. me and the hubs sometimes watch the hoarding shows and then i always have to go clean something. i definitely dont wanna be a hoarder. so its time to clean up the house and get it organized. i dont think i fully finished after we moved it.

4. you may have noticed, i stopped posting she sweats transformation reviews. well i fell off the wagon and now i gotta get back on. ill incorporate the strength days with my 5k training. and im bringing back "train insane" sundays. though i wont be able to share the strength training with you, im sure you can find something online similar.

5. me and the hubs ordered a new mattress. we are so excited. its a king size bed, which will be amazing. we shove on each other all night in our queen size. and a cat takes up alot of room too. but it hasnt shipped yet (we ordered it through amazon) so until then ill just stare at the frame that comes in today.

have a great weekend!!

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  1. Ya fatty, lol jk I just had pizza too. From subwgay at that.