Monday, March 17, 2014

Train Insane/ Monday Update

hey guys!! sorry i didn't post my "train insane" yesterday. i felt under the weather and had every intention to write it but well.. me and the couch were bonding.

Train Insane

heres a look at my workouts last week:


monday: week 3 day 1 of c25k training

tuesday: rest day

wednesday: week 3 day 2 of c25k training

thursday: rest day (our spare room which is my workout room was being occupied by our new mattress and i couldn't get to my weights.

friday: rest day

saturday: week 3 day 3 of c25k training

sunday: light cleaning, that counts right?

i really wish i would have gotten some strength in this week. but at the same time i dont wanna do too much strength and it stop the scale from going down. i know the scale shouldnt be important. but i wanna see my weight drop some so i know that i losing the weight.

Monday Update

speaking of the scale, i weighed this morning. and im 3 pounds down from last monday. which, i think is kinda mostly water weight. but ill take it.

also, my running last week was great. there was only one day i just felt tired so i had to take tiny walking breaks during the run times. but the other times i was a rockstar. so i hope that carries on to this week, lots of running this week.

my eating hasnt been perfect, but im much more aware of what i put in my mouth. and i only allow myself cheat meals, not cheat days. i kept pretty good with my eats this weekend. only splurging a little on dinners. but im super happy with how my eating is going. i hate restricting myself, so im being easy on my eats, but still eating what i should.

hopefully this will be another good week like last week!

oh and happy st patrick's day!!

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