Wednesday, March 19, 2014


happy hump day!!

man this week has been a little rough already. temptation wise. ive spent far too much time on pinterest looking at all the yummy things i could be eating. pasta, cookies, pizza, cheezy things... mmmmm. then yesterday a boss says she needed something sweet, so off to wendys they went for frostys (the other choice was cupcakes from a local bakery). and this morning, someone brought donuts.

like. give me a freaking break.

yes, i know i have my cheats for the week. but do i wanna use it on a donut? and after how good ive been this week so far. no shebert at night. all my breakfast, lunches, and snacks have been on point. i did have potatoes last night, and pasta on monday. so sue me. but if im gonna cheat, it better be something good, right?

but some how ive mustered up the will power not to eat any of these things. whew. having a kick ass run yesterday could be the reason for it though.

i know this is totally off topic, but i had a killer run last night. as in almost died. just kidding :) there was quite a bit of running for long periods of time. and one surprise run at the end that i wasnt prepared for (mainly mentally) but i told myself "you can do this" and went for it. it was mainly thanks to my new playlist i have. "your head will give up before your body does" and i just kept pushing through. and man, im so glad i did :)

hopefully all this means the scale will play nice later this week!

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