Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Day at a Time

if ya havent noticed, losing weight and being healthy isnt easy. especially when junk food, fast food, and temptations are everywhere. but im slowly learning to deal with it.

too often i set big goals and sign up for challenges, and end up failing. why? well cuz when i get on the scale and see i still have 40 lbs to lose, that get very discouraging. especially when you are losing weight super slow, or not at all.

so from now on, im gonna set short, possible goals. yes, i still have my big goals. like losing the 40 lbs., feeling confident in s swim suit this summer, and loving the way i feel in my skin. but those seem so far away and i get discouraged. so, ill go the better route with shorter goals.

ill set weekly goals, and short term monthly goals. so what are my current goals?
  • lose 10 lbs by color run day. that leaves me 5 weeks, 2 lbs a week. totally do-able.
  • exercise atleast 3 times a week
  • eat clean all week with 2 not so clean snacks
  • only weigh in once a week

totally do-able right?
i cant be skinny over night. if i could, i wouldn't be complaining right? so ill just have to take this day by day, week by week, pound by pound, goal by goal til i reach my big goals.

do you set big goals? or do you have to stick with shorter goals?

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