Monday, March 3, 2014

i have a confession...

...i didnt cook once this weekend. unless you count the tortilla i put pepperoni and cheese on and threw in the microwave.

it all started friday night when i decided we would go to a mexican place to eat dinner while we waited on the first mardi gras parade to come through. chips, salsa, quesadillas, margaritas, dessert. the whole dang thing. but i had eating clean for breakfast and lunch in anticipation of this.

i had high hopes of doing better the next day. which started with a larabar and a passion tea from starbucks. then almonds before lunch. but then i go home and looked in the fridge and nothing looked appetizing. so i got a little ceasars hot and ready. then when dinner came i didnt feel like cooking so we got mcalisters (atleast i got a salad...) then sunday morning we woke up early and the hubs said we should go get breakfast, so i agreed. we went to ihop. then for lunch i ate those tortillas i mentioned earlier. and supper ended up being wing stop. whew...

not good people!

i didnt do my shopping on sunday like usual, cuz i knew id be off tomorrow (for mardi gras) so that means tonight i have to plan. ive decided in my plan to include some back up meals, for when i just dont feel like cooking. something i can pull from the freezer. or just something super simple i can just throw together.

to hold myself more accountable you will see me posting more of my meals, my daily eats. im not gonna beat myself up over a crappy weekend. just gonna try and stick to the plan a little better. this is all a journey. and i wont stop til i get to my destination.

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