Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Successful Run

you guys! i went running last night. yep, im shocked too!

we have just 5 weeks until the color run in baton rouge, so i decided i needed to get my butt in high gear.

im using the c25kfree app for my training. i ran some of the first and second week in the past 2 months. and i use to run alot, so i took a chance and just jumped into hoping for the best. but when i saw i had to run the 3 minutes i just told myself to try my best. i hadn't run for 3 minutes straight in months. but i completed the whole thing successfully!

this is what yesterdays run looked like:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following: jog for 90 secs; walk for 90 secs; jog for 3 mins; walk for 3 mins.

i think what saved me on the runs is i would start a song i really liked right before i had to run the 3 mins and knew i had to run to basically the end of the song. though i need some new running songs for a better playlist. gotta work on that.

the new shoes were actually really good. my right shoe felt a little weird when i ran, so ill try them out a few more times to see if i like them. then running store in town gives you 30 days to try out the shoe and you can bring it back if you end up not liking them.

so all in all, a good running day, good shoes. thank goodness its lighter out later from the time change. i can get back into my running! i hate running in the dark...

any suggestions on new running songs?

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