Sunday, March 23, 2014

Train Insane Sunday

happy sunday!

heres a look at my workouts this past week:


monday: rest day

tuesday: week 4 day 1 of c25k training

wednesday: rest day

thursday: week 4 day 2 of c25k training

friday: rest day

saturday: week 4 day 3 of c25k training & cleaning

sunday: more cleaning

i got the spare room (my workout room) set up today so ill be back in business with weights and maybe youll see alot more activity from me. tomorrow im gonna take pictures to see where i am at right now and what all i need to work on.

He and She Eat Clean are doing another challenge for the 12 week she sweats transformation. this time its the 12 week program plus the 4 week shred. and theres a gift card with a big chunk of change for the winner. ive got my eye on the prize. momma needs a new wardrobe! but i wont be starting that til april 6th, since i know weeks 2-4 are just suppose to be strength. so itll just leave one week that i have to do my 5k training during a strength week. hopefully i can carry this one out all the way through. and maybe ill treat myself to a vacation when its over :)

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