Monday, March 31, 2014

Train Insane

happy monday!

heres a look at my workouts this past week:


monday: week 5 day 1 of c25k training

tuesday: rest day

wednesday: rest day (it rained)

thursday: rest day

friday: rest day (i got in a wreck that morning, my back wasnt feeling too good)

saturday: rest day (rested my back again..)

sunday: cleaning

well. with crappy weather and a busy week, i didnt get much working out in. honestly, after my run on monday i lost motivation. i knew that post would jinx me. im gonna try and get my runs in this week, but probably not much else since ill be doing lots of cleaning and going through things for the garage sale im doing this week. sooo busy. BUT next week i start the She Sweats 12 Week Challenge again. SUPA excited. ready to look awesome this summer!

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