Monday, March 24, 2014

A Year Difference

well. i started week 5 of training today. just 4 weeks of training left.

today, as i was running, i started thinking back to last year. when i was training for this very same race. i was struggling with my training. i was complaining over having to run for 4 mins at a time. and tonight i ran for 5 mins 3 times!! what a change!!

im not sure if its because my eating has changed. or maybe cuz i did some strength training earlier this year. or maybe i just have my head in the game this time around. im not sure what it is, but im loving it, and i hope i carry it through the rest of the training.

im not psyched out like i was last time. i actually pump myself up each run, knowing that I WILL finish whatever the training is that day. i have so much more confidence in myself. when i do wanna give up sometimes i repeat to myself "your mind will give up before you body will" cuz its so true. running is such a mental game for me.

but this time. i think im winning :)

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