Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have decided that I need to start counting calories. Though I know about the average of what I eat during the day, I always fail to count calories during dinner. And it seems I always consume more during dinner. So im going to try my best to input my dinner into a meal calculator to see how many calories im eating.

im also going to be using Sparkpeople to track my calories and exercises. Though im a bit sad that they don’t have and app for my windows 7 phone, they have the app for iphone/ipad, android, and blackberry. But i can easily just go online and input all my food.

Because I don’t work out like I probably should, im going to be keeping my calorie intake between 1300-1500. I will change this range as I see how my mood and body react to this change. Right now im only really burning about 200 calories a day, so im trying to keep food calories lower.

One way to keep me on track with my numbers is prepping. Ill prepare as much meals and snacks as i can today so its one less thing to worry about and my mind wont wonder into food that i shouldn't be eating. I will be sharing my normal breakfast, lunch and snack in a later post.

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