Friday, February 24, 2012

So far, so good

Well mardi has and gone. Me and Jamie spent most of mardi gras hanging out in a parking lot with friends gettin sunburnt. twas a good time. But now we are officially into lent. No sweets or alcohol for me, and im doing surprisingly well. i dont really drink that often, so it doesnt bother me, im doing it for weightloss reasons. its the sweets that get me :/

Wednesday I did really well, i was craving sweets though. but ive found a new weapon. flavored water :) the main reason i probably eats sweets (or anyone for that matter) is for the taste. if i drink fruit punch flavored water, problem solved. i watched what i ate and worked out on the elliptical and did some weight exercises.

Yesterday I did even better. And i was really surprised how good i did with portion control last night. Jamie has been off this week (he usually works nights) so i think it helped that he ate with me so i wasnt just constantly eating. I also ran yesterday. It was super windy.. which made for a sucky run.

Im hoping this weekend goes well, me and jamie are going out of town for a concert and going do some shopping. We will be eating out alot so hopefully i dont pig out. There is suppose to be a gym at our hotel so i hope to make it there in the morning before we make our way out for some shopping.

hope yall have a great weekend!

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