Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still here

Well, im still here. Jamie was off for a week, so I had to take full advantage of spending time with him since he usually works nights and we don’t get to spend much time together.

Saturday morning me and jamie set out for New Orleans. We hadnt been in almost 2 years and he wanted to do a little shopping and I wanted to do some walking around and looking at the flea market.
After a couple hours we headed to Baton rouge to check into our hotel. It was in the down town area, and in walking distance to the concert we were going to that night. It was a very modern hotel with a gym, bar, and restaurant.IMG_0397

After meeting his friends at the bass pro shop for a little shopping, we headed to the concert and waited for the doors to open. The concert was pretty good for being a band  I don’t listen to. Puscifer. Look ‘em up!
Sunday we did quite a bit of shopping at a near by mall. Then headed home.

I didn’t workout like I wanted to over the weekend. But we did lots of walking, so I figured that would make up for some of it. I really havent worked out since friday.. Totally already broke my lent rule.. ugh. But I havent had sweets or alcohol. And im craving sweets more and more everyday. Mainly cookies.

Im doing really well my eating. Ive been tracking my breakfast and lunch and just eat a small portion for dinner and fill up on water the rest of the night. This plan has me 3 lbs down already!! I really need to get motivated to working out again. Only 5 more weeks til I go dress shopping.. gotta step it up!

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