Friday, February 3, 2012

Dinner last night

Well.. it has been raining for days.. all week.. wont stop til this weekendish. *sigh* I wanna get my runs in, but I don’t wanna get soaked again like I did tuesday.  I wanna try and get a run in before I have to be somewhere at 930 tomorrow, so hopefully the clouds stay again til I finish my run! if not.. tuesday for sure will be run day!

I think along with my pilates id also like to go walking. Maybe a few miles a day, then come home to do pilates. I don’t know. I just know I need to get serious about all this! im probably going to start calorie counting next week.. ill post about that later.

While I was browsing Wal-mart last week I saw these new “sizzling salad” kits. it comes with a sauce for your chicken and a sauce for your salad. im a big fan of having salad and chicken and I make it quite often for dinner, so I knew this was right up my alley.

I bought the southwest chicken dinner kit. they also have a ceasar one, thatll be next week!

 all you have to do is cook then chicken, then top it with some sauce. then make your salad and top it with the dressing.


I added extra toppings to my american blend salad (roman, iceburg, cabbage, and carrots) . I added croutons, cheese, corn and black beans. ok.. so I totally stole this idea from the picture on the box.. but I do make salads with fried black beans n corn.. so good! i also cut up my chicken and mixed it right in.

 and there ya have it! it was pretty tasty, I can wait to try the other flavor!

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