Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally a run!

i hadnt run in 10 days and my knee was feeling good enough this afternoon that i decided to go for my run. It wasnt raining today, which is a different story tomorrow. ugh. gotta get it in while i can!
i dont really know what happened, but my app for my 5k trainer messed up and cut 5 mins out of the program. it was too late by the time i realized it. so after it finished, i did 5 more mins like this: run 2 mins, walk 1 min, run 2 mins.

i decided i wanted to go for a full 2 miles so i just walked the rest and ended with a lil over 30 mins total.

im doing really good so far with the plan, i just wish i could run more often. rain go away! im still on week 2.. but i hope to start running more often and getting more practice of each run in to become comfortable in each weeks training. ill be able to run a 5k in no time!

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  1. Get it all in when ever you can and dont forget you can always use your eliptical on days that you cant run :) any little bit helps right? :P