Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dream Vs. Reality

well.. this is my dream..
but this was the reality…
But in an effort to actually do something.. I took to the weights.. and had plans for 20 mins. on the elliptical.
I did about 30 min. of weight exercises from a dvd I have. It was all going great til we had to do a sumo squat.. and my knee decided it didn’t like that. Ive had trouble with my knee before, but this time it hurt for awhile, and actually still hurts this morning depending on how I bend it. this wouldn’t have happened if I coulda just ran Sad smile

After the weights I decided to tackle the elliptical..
That lasted a whole 2 mins. the pain in my knee was sooo bad on the elliptical I decided to just rest it before anything else would happen. Im off too a bad start of the week with exercise Sad smile

Should I get a knee brace or maybe ice it?

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