Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lent Challenge

Last night the Mardi Gras Parades started, which to me is the official kick off to Mardi Gras because im not in a krewe so i dont go any balls. Me and my good friend met up at Casa Ole, which was along the parade route, to get a bite to eat before the parade got there. We didnt know the parade started early, due to rain, so we missed part of it while still in the restaurant. We quickly went outside to catch the rest of the parade, in the rain. Thankfully it wasnt raining too bad and we caught beads, cups, and she even got a shirt. Its raining as we speak, so hopefully not too many activities are getting rained out today.

Mardi Gras's last and biggest day is Fat Tuesday, which is followed by Ash Wednesday. Which we all know is the start of lent. I time we use for reflecting, and most people usually give up something they really want, or pray more, or do good deeds. Well this year im going to use lent as my "get fit" challenge. I plan on doing some kind of workout everyday -- for 40 days. Whether its running, working out at the gym (that im about to join), weights, or even a simple ab workout. Ill also be eating much healthier, keeping track of what i eat (but not calories), and giving up alot of sweets and sugar.

Ill be tracking my workouts on the Lent Challenge page and will be posting before and after measurements. MAYBE pictures too (eek!).. i dont know if im that brave.

I better get all those sweets in now! ;)

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